Single Sign On for eXternal Services (SSOXS)

SSOXS module logo

Drupal version: 6.x

The Single Sing On for eXternal Services module, or SSOXS for short, extends Drupal to serve as a single-sign-on authentication, central user management and accounting portal for external web servers or services.

The module was originally developed for the academic community to provide a single-sign-on solution for independent academic web portals and web services through a central Virtual Research Community.
It can however be used by any community oriented Drupal site that hosts external web servers/services as part of there service and would like to enable these with:

  • An easy way for the community members to “subscribe” to the service and use their Drupal or external credentials (through federate identification and
  • authorization) to gain access.
  • An easy way for external services to register there service with the community website and enable singe-sign-on access for community members as well as providing a set of interfaces to manage subscriptions and track usage through an accounting and statistics interface.
  • A convenient XML-RPC driven Application Programming Interface (API) to enable programmatic communication between the Drupal module and the external services for authentication, authorization and accounting.

Documentation for the module is included in the modules README.txt file
This module was developed as part of the WeNMR project, and academic e-Infrastructure project funded by the European FP7 grant, contract no. 261572, (