Blue Hornet API

Adds sign-up checkbox on Drupal account screen.

Ever wanted a simple way to integrate Drupal with the Blue Hornet E-mail Marketing System? So did I. I through this little module together to add subscribe/unsubscribe functionality to the Drupal registration form, and user account screen. The module also creates a generic subscription block that you can place in whatever region you like.

The admin screen provides the interface to enter all your Blue Hornet API account info such as:

  • Blue Hornet API URL
  • Blue Hornet API Key
  • Blue Hornet Secret Key

Checkboxes in the admin UI also provide the ability to disable sending subscriptions to Blue Hornet and simply store them in a DB table. You can even do both for backup purposes.

Locally stored sign-ups can be downloaded from the admin UI in CSV format.

This module needs some polishing but it worked great for my client. Looking for others who might want to take it to the next level.

This module is dependent on the Location module.

You will also need a paid, active BlueHornet account with API keys in order to use this module.

If you have any questions, or would like to help maintain this module, please message me.