New Drupal Modules


This theme will be a base theme based on ZEN or Omega (not decided yet). The main goal is the "DRY" CSS.

jQuery Nicescroll

Provide integration with jQuery Nicescroll — jQuery plugin for a better scroll on desktop, mobile, and touch device.

Views style autoload

Automatically load stylesheets files for views based on it name and display id.


Pull Instagram pictures into Drupal.

Drupal connect

Let's think on the next scenario: You have a site. Huge site! And you want to create an API for your site - like Facebook or Twitter. You say to your self - RESTWS! Let me tell you something - you'r right! But wait! How can you make this secure? How can you make sure that only the people with the permission can access the JSON output? you think again and you say - OAUTH! Let me say to your something: You right again! But how can you connect them both?

This module, Drupal connect, will work on a workflow similar to what Facebook, Twitter, Google and other company work by: There is an app that users with the proper permission can create. Each app has app name, secret code that together create a unique signature. When all the three arguments are verified by the oAuth then the JSON will be supplied.

Node to block


This module allows the editors to create block from the nodes.


Custom view mode

The module adds a new view mode to the node entity called "Node to block" to easy separation from the other view modes.

Remove title in the created view mode

The block title is the node title, so the module removes node title in "Node to block" view mode to keep out of title duplicates.

Configurable node form

You can set that the block form will be shown on the node form or not, and you can set the default view mode too.

Add block function

You can add new blocks and select the renderable nodes in the configuration form.

Panels Grid System

Panels Grid System is two things:

A panels style plugin: The style will let you choose how many columns you want
your pane to span. It works well with Panels in-place-editor, so you have kind
of a WYSIWYG layout functionality.

A panels layout: THe layout will let you choose how many one-column rows you
want in your display. You can have between 1 and 12 rows. Why would I want so
many rows when I have a "WYSIWYG" layout functionality you ask? The rows are
basically line breaks, so you might need a lot of them.

Very simple html5 theme for photo studio

This is a very simple html5 theme for photo studio


This project has been made on semantic.UI. We are trying our best to improve it.

You can get more information about semation from her

Panelitist Subtheme

Select Image Sizes for a Panel Pane
Select Panel Pane sizes

A subtheme based on the Omega 4.x theme which incorporates a Panels styles plugin allowing you to better control image sizes and breakpoints. Build with Sass & Singularity.

There are also a couple responsive Panels layouts built in for demonstration purposes.

Client cache


Client cache is a Drupal caching backend that uses user agent or client as cache bin.

Commerce Checkout Register


Extend the feature of Commerce Checkout Login This module extends that pane to provide an inline registration form via AJAX. If the e-mail address, an anonymous user enters is not associated with any user account, then the checkout form will expand with a username , password textfield and sign up button for immediate registration and login.


Bootstrap panels

Bootstrap theme integration with panels


StatHat logo for Drupal module.
Example of stathat graphs.

About StatHat

We love numbers and languages. StatHat came about from our desire to track all our numbers from all the languages we use as easily, accurately, and quickly as possible.

Ergaster Test Project

This is a test project

Atom Tags and Topics

The Atom Tags Topics module provides a Tags and a Topics vocabulary. It is a dependency for the Atom Blog.


Javascript forms validation.
Powerful, UX aware & Dead simple.
Never write a single javascript line anymore to validate your forms FrontEnd. Parsley will do that for you – and do it right –, thanks to its powerful DOM-API !

Super focused

User Experience matters. A lot. Parsley is totally aware of that, and is designed to help your users and not bother or frustrate them.

See demonstration.

Super light

Less than 800 lines. Less than 12k minified.
Works with jQuery and Zepto (with data and fx_methods added).

Parsley is open source, MIT licensed, and developed to help everyone. It will stay that way.

Magento Bridge

Magento is currently one of the most powerful e-commerce opensource platform.
Combined to Drupal, for the CMS part, this couple generates the most amazing result.

Magento Bridge provides a set of tools to use Magento API REST in Drupal allowing access to:

  • Products
    • Product Categories
    • Product Images
    • Product Websites
  • Customers
  • Customer Addresses
  • Inventory
  • Sales Orders
    • Order Addresses
    • Order Comments
    • Order Items

This list can be completed in case of additional webservices provided by Magento.


OAuth php module is required.

FTP Upload

This module uploads file via FTP