New Drupal Modules

Mandrill Toolbox

In support of the Mandrill module, this is a collection of supporting tools that add functionality but are not considered to be a part of the core functionality of the Mandrill module. The module currently consists of the following "add on" functionality.

  • Mandrill Tags Bulk Delete

I encourage anyone who has Mandrill related functionality that doesn't belong in the main module to contribute here.


Provides an API for defining PDF generators (e.g. WKHTMLTOPDF, DOMPDF etc.) with a common interface for interacting with them.

Installation (Temporary Solution)

Add the following to the require section of the composer.json:

"mikehaertl/phpwkhtmltopdf": "1.1.*",
"h4cc/wkhtmltopdf-amd64": "*"

and then run composer update to download the new dependencies.

hardcopy module -

Weather Bean

This module creates a block type which will display weather from Open Weather Map.


A super simple module which simply makes /user/login redirect you to /user if you're already logged in - rather than the default behavior which is to give the "Access Denied" page.

timos sandbox

testing git sandbox for drush build / profiles integration

PeerJS Chat


The PeerJS Chat module adds the ability to chat using webRTC peer connection and the PeerJS API. This currently works only in Chrome and Firefox.


  • Create chat rooms and add users.
  • Organic Groups integration (coming soon).



This module is sponsored by the Yamada Language Center at the University of Oregon.

Commerce Refund

Extends the Drupal Commerce payment API with the refund process.


Antispam module by CleanTalk to protect your Drupal sites from spam bot registraton and spam comments publication.

CleanTalk is a SaaS spam protection service for Web-sites.

CleanTalk uses protection methods which are invisible for site visitors.
Using CleanTalk eliminates needs in CAPTCHA, questions and answers, and other methods of protection, complicating the exchange of information on the site.

How it works.




PredictionIO is an open source Machine Learning Server. It empowers programmers and data engineers to build smart applications. Machine Learning is about attempting to teach computers to predict future, or otherwise unknown events, by applying computer science or statistics techniques to analyze existing data. It can be seen as a transformation from existing data to improve insights about the unknown. PredictionIO is useful for any web and mobile apps.

Simple Drupal 8 Module

This is a very simple module to demonstrate some very basic Drupal 8 concepts.

OSF for Drupal

OSF for Drupal

OSF for Drupal is a middleware layer that allows structured data (RDF) and associated vocabularies (ontologies) to "drive" tailored tools and data displays within Drupal. The basic OSF for Drupal modules provide two types of capabilities. First, there are a series of connector modules such as OSF Entities, OSF SearchAPI, OSF Field Storage and OSF Views to integrate an OSF instance into Drupal's core APIs. Second, there is a series of module tools used to administer all of these capabilities.

Fred Tabs

Adds the 'Fred Tabs' styled block of the Local Tasks menu.

ergonlogic's copy of DrupalAPI

This sandbox is just to allow for a branch of wherein I try to implement the ideas described in : Allow for package overrides.

Clear Cache Remotely

This module allows you to clear the cache remotely. This can
be useful if you have multisite installation with multiple databases.

Once enabled, you will need to set up a secret key to be passed as a part of a call.

To make it a little more secure there is is also an option to lock the
processing of request to a list of IP addresses.

Example usage:

Say you have set up a secret key: "EXAMPLE_KEY_NUMBER"

You should send a request to

There is also a number of options possible for only certain types of
cache to be cleared which is determined by the first parameter you pass.

Available options are:

Google Calendar Block

Google Calendar Block is a lightweight module which allows administrators to create blocks which display Google Calendar events.


Google Calendar Block has two dependencies:

Drupal core modules

  • Block

Contributed modules


To install Google Calendar Block:

Delete quick


Module allows you to delete nodes of specified types without confirmation screen.

It might be useful for nodes of simple and 'not important' types (tips, messages e.t.c — nodes that should be easy to create and to delete).

OpenAdStream jQuery

This module allows easy block level configuration of ad slots and a colorbox based interstitial implementation for Open AdStream.

To enable the interstitial you must make sure to install the colorbox module.


This allows for groups of people to register for an event.

File Rules

The File Rules module provides File based actions, conditions and events for the Rules module, from copying files to finding and replacing a string in the contents of all files inside a specified directory.