New Drupal Modules

Tableau Server

The Tableau Server module allows you to integrate the display of interactive reports into your Drupal site.

It is implemented as a field in which you can configure the parameters for a report.

Katturai Responsive

Katturai means Articles in Tamil Language. This is a simple responsive theme will fit more exactly for blogs.


This module is intended to act as a middle-man between and your Drupal website. Doing so the module creates a node type "worldoflogs" labeled appropriately "Epeen" for users.

From here, you can configure how often to sync with the nodes on your website.

Planned Features

  1. Analytics and graphing per user on their profile.
  2. Views integration to list all and filter records.

Poll Panels


This package is meant to be a set of small add-ons that provide useful functionalities for better integration of polls and panels. Following functionalities have been added so far:

  • Custom content pane that prints the poll form or the poll result depending on the poll state.

Feature requests

More functionalities are likely to be added. If you have an idea what we should add, please open an issue..


- This module was sponsored by Amazee Labs

Link Replace Filter

Link Replace Filter configuration

A text filter providing the ability to replace URLs in free text links by URLs taken from another content type and field.


This is a distribution specifically for a small nonprofit organization.

Field HTML trim

A Field formatter settings implementation to enable trimming without counting HTML tags. This has been a long standing issue with Drupal text_trimmed formatter. Following issues address this problem:

Data Competitions Module

This module allows a drupal instance to set up a data competitions platform similar to

Twig routing integration

Provides some helper functionality to integrate routes into twig templates to generate urls.


Provide a field type to manage sets of properties defined as sets of values associated to arbitrary names.

UK Postcodes API

Stand alone service for returning UK postcode information.
Module based off the code and services provided at

Combo Image Formatter

This is a combination of the Image Delta Formatter and the Image Class modules, providing both modules functionality into one.

Thus, it enables to define one or more delta values of images to display, or 'all' to display all values. Additionally it enables to define one or more classes to apply to the img element.

It is entirely based on the code of the image delta module.

Google Analytics Statistics Module

This module replaces the core Statistics module using data collected by Google Analytics.

One major change in how it operates compared to statistics is that it does not directly relate to nodes, but can be used with any entity which has an entity view page.

Select number widget

Select widget for fields with number values as Number or Commerce price (amount).
This will require range start and end value and step to be set - php range() function.

For the locked fields with no edit available, as default Commerce price field, there's other way - widget altering from Field widget type page (form).

Developed & sponsored by Commerce Guys.


Locke is a Radix sub-theme taking advantage of the integration with the Panopoly Drupal distribution. Locke was created to be used as a starter theme for Open Academy, a Drupal distribution based on Panopoly.

Locke has minimal style, just enough to look good.


  • Radix

Commerce Checkout Complete Registration

It's about having a way to choose or not, for the Guest customer, if he wants to register.

  • Create new pane for the "Complete" checkout page.
  • This pane has 3 settings (for now) : password required (boolean), account creation email notification (boolean) and the text to be displayed for this pane form.
  • The pane will contain a button form + extra elements as the settings say.
  • On this pane form submition:
    - an user account will be created,
    - the order will be assigned to the new user,
    - a Rule event will be invoked (with order and user objects)
    - the user will be redirected to its order history page

Developed & sponsored by Commerce Guys.

Simple Copyright

Never worry about updating your copyright information ever again! This module automatically uses the current year and the site name to create a block that you can put in the footer.

Need more control?

Check out the Copyright block module.