New Drupal Modules


Store entities created within different Drupal instances of a same project to ensure that their IDs will be uniques and permit the download of the content (add/update).

This server module is actually developped to handle the "Term" entity type first cause the taxonomy could often be structurant for a project, Views can be build on certain terms, etc. Developpement for other types of entities will be possible.

The Drupal instance will send is content via the "Entity client" (entity_client) module.

UC OmniKassa

Payment module for UberCart. Integrates Rabobank OmniKassa as a checkout method for UberCart.

More information on Rabobank website (in Dutch)

Modal widget for term reference

This module provides a widget for term reference field.
The widget is a link which will open a modal window with a term list for the choosen vocabulary.
If a term has an image associated it will be shown, in other case the term name will be shown.
Once you click on "Accept" the selection will be "appended" to the link.

Note: You can stylizer the widget with the css file which has just the most basics.


With this module your can turn your Drupal Site to a CRM tool.

Some of the functions are:

-Manage Contacts (simple contacts, leads, customers)
-Individuals and/or Businesses
-Financial Status,Files,Next Actions, Notes… and many more
-News Letter with newsletter history
-Campaign Details
-Connect Contact with Campaign, Producs, CRM Users
-Various Reports and Filters
-Personal and Public Notes for personal organization
-Common library for organization documents
-Able to give access to customer for customer specific information


This is API module for developers.

Available features:


  • Automatic fields creation with hook_installer_default_fields()
  • Automatic vocabularies creation with hook_installer_default_vocabularies()


  • Helper function to delete fields/nodes, when node bundle was defined in code. See
  • Helper function to delete vocabularies.

Entity reference trim

Entity reference trim module is a small and simple module which allows you to hide entity target id for autocomplete widget type (referenced target id between two brackets). So far module supports only single entityreference autocomplete widget type.
Example of usage:
Lets say that you have autocomplete entityreference field for cars entity type, selected value for that field is present as "Audi (5)", or "BMW (8)". This module simply hide terget id and selected value looks: "Audi" or "BMW".


Allows loading options to an selectbox from a file in csv format.

YaBB Migrate

This module performs a one-way migration of YaBB 2.5 boards, users, topics, polls and PMs into Drupal 7 Forum/Poll/Private Messages.

At the moment only users and boards data migration is partially working. Do NOT use this module on production site!

Drupal core: 7.x only
YaBB version: 2.5

Module dependency:
- (core) Forum;
- (core) Poll;
- (contrib) Private Messages.

- only new users are being created in Drupal. It does not update existing users in any way, so better use a clean Drupal install to minimize possible naming conflicts;
- at the moment, only user name (login), email and registration date are preserved;
- I cannot figure out the way to preserve user passwords, so all users will have to reset their passwords before they will be able to log in to new forum.

teste module

Test module to check the description

Ubercart Funds

Ubercart Funds implements a Site Funds Management System using Ubercart, It integrates features like Deposit Funds, Withdraw Funds, Transfer Funds..etc, which makes implementing most features of a Money site like Paypal or Skrill possible and easy using Drupal.


This module adds a basic form to the dashboard for rappidly adding a piece of content (page/article). Works just like Wordpress's QuickPress.

Entity node comment

This module allows putting comments to any entities, by creating a hidden node.

Drupal 7 Port of Resizable Body

Resizable Body uses jQuery Elastic plugin to make all your textareas expand to fit the text the user has entered, basically mimicking Facebook.

This sandbox project seeks to port Resizable Body to Drupal 7.

Custom menu API

This is a small module to help developers create and destroy custom menu's. It fills a small gap in Drupal 6.

The functions menu_save and menu_load are available in Drupal 7 for this purpose.

There are currently only three functions available:


This will let you limit the words on your textfield.

Localization server project sets

This module adds the ability to group l10n_server projects into sets. Any project could be marked as belonging to a set and this module will add the ability to download a single .tar.gz file containing all related files in projects within the set.

Remote Theme

Remote Theme

This is a port of the "Remote" design from BevelandEmboss

Sponsored by CrossFunctional

DocuSign 6

This provides integration to the DocuSign SOAP api for Drupal 6 sites. To send files to get signed via DocuSign, send all information in as array parameters via a php function.
DocuSign Connect
This also connects to DocuSign connect and events from DocuSign result in Drupal triggers.

This module is under active development and may change wildly and unexpectedly-- hold on to your hats!