New Drupal Modules

Migrate Block

This module will bring your blocks and associated configuration into a D7 site from a D6 site. It will also migrate nodeblocks into regular D7 blocks.

It also supports the following sub-modules: block_access, block_class, and i18n_block.

Field Ajax Populate

This module lets you use ajax to update one edit field based on the contents of another field. It's different from the Dependent Fields module because:

(1) The "child" or "dependent" field will be populated by a View;
(2) The "parent" or "dependee" field value will be passed as an argument for
the View.

The Field Ajax Populate module does not create a new field type; you can use it with your existing field types.

Please note: This module is still under heavy development. It doesn't work yet. Only install if you want to help with development.

Independent Cache (with delayed removal)

What is?
A delayed to clear cache.
An implementation of a cache to be used selectively on Views and Blocks so that they don't get cleared when a Drupal Clear cache is issued or other triggers that would other wise immediate clear the cache and cause a regeneration of the data/content.
The concept behind this cache is that by choosing which views and/or blocks are too heavy to generate (causing the server performance to go down on high traffic sites), allowing them to be generated some time after and not at the same time, doing a redistribution of the work during time.

Commons Message Notification Center

This is a fork of Andre-B's work at

This project is specific to Drupal Commons 3.x. It adds the following functionality.

  • A drop down notifications block similar to that on Facebook.
  • Per-User configuration options for which notifications appear in the notifications block.

Drupal Commons 3.x
Flag 2.x

NOTE: For Flag 3.x support, please see Andre-B's project at

SugarCRM Contacts

Reference SugarCRM contacts from a drupal field (read only).

MaPS Commerce

MaPS System logo

This distribution provides a ready-to-use environment for an e-Commerce site fed with MaPS System data.

Commerce Backoffice Product Select

Provides a better UI for adding products to an order in the back office

Royal Olive

Royal Olive Drupal 7 theme

The Royal Olive theme is based on a 12-column 960 Grid System.

This Fluid-Width theme is designed and developed by Myndsets Software Services for Drupal 7.

Tested in Firefox 24.0, Google Chrome 30.0, Opera 17.0, Safari 5.1.7, IE7+,

the Royal Olive theme is HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.


The Royal Olive theme is configured with these 14 regions:


Node2zip is module that export HTML of single node.

It provides a "Tab" on the node detail page of configured content type. This module leverages the functionality of HTML Export module and behaves nearly identically. Through this module we can export the HTML of any particular node.

* HTML Export module

YaDUT - Yet another Drupal Update Tool

This module provide SQL script to copy node content between databases.
You may need this module when upgrading your older* Drupal installation

Sample code:

INSERT INTO Drupal7_db.node
(nid, vid, type, title, uid, status, created, changed, comment, promote, sticky, language, tnid, translate)
nid, vid, type, title, uid, status, created, changed, comment, promote, sticky, language, tnid, translate
FROM Drupal6_db.node ;

. you can jump Drupal versions (ie: update from 5 to 7)
. high perfomance for large data migrations
. no data normalization required

. this only works for nodes and related entities. Not for settings, views, etc
. you need db command line access to source and destination database

No code is available at the moment.
Please feel free to join and discuss concepts


POC - Provides integration with the Lync 2013 UCWA library.

Language jump

Redirects to another site if the language is not the same as the basic.

Work only if language detection via URL


Integration with janrain SSO

Live2Support Live Chat Module

Live2Support is an advanced features live chat software which brings to you a simple and easy way to stay connected with your existing customers and prospects through your website. With Live2Support, you can do more than just chat with its rich features. Live chat solution from Live2Support is extremely easy to use and does not require expert technical knowledge to use or implement into your website.

Taxonomy Creation Date

This module extends the core taxonomy term database table with a creation timestamp and last change timestamp.

Sometimes developer need to know when a term is created or changed, so this module is your friend.

At the moment is the module for developers only.

Next Steps:
- Views integration

Theming tools

The module is unique in that we want to activate activate resources among these resources are Javascript to help us speed the development, detection of browsers, operating systems, devices. In other resources helps us to standardize our dear friend IE.

The module is for Theming work much faster, easy, usable and clean.

Role Expire Notifications

Role Expire Notification is a module that complements the module Role Expire.

Its main feature is scheduling email notifications to users whose roles are near to expire.

Image dimensions

The Image Dimensions module provides an image effect to output images at 100% width.

Add the image effect to any image style. This is useful for when you want to create multiple image styles that are output at 100% width (such as standard resolution and retina images).

Unlike the Media: Responsive module, you can create image styles that take advantage of other image effects (such as cropping an image or sizing it down for page load speed) and still create full width images. Often used for making responsive images in a fluid layout.

Nodequeue Taxonomy Add

This module provides the ability to add nodes into nodequeues automatically when the node has a certain taxonomy term in one of its taxonomy reference field.

The configuration is very easy.

1. Go to the nodequeue.
2. Under the NODEQUEUE TAXONOMY field set, select the vocabulary and then taxonomy term.

Once this configuration is set, any new content with that term will be added to the nodequeue

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