New Drupal Modules

Panels PHP

The Panels PHP provides a panels pane to improve php input experience for panels.

Go to add content in panels after enabled, you will see and enjoy!




dotMailer Signup

integrates with the dotMailer Integration module to provide a single block with a configurable newsletter sign up form.

You will need the dotMailer integration module in order to use this module.

This module was sponsored by Access


eBay module screenshot

Base project for working and testing the eBay API.


Media: Metacafe integrates with the Media module to insert Metacafe videos
with file fields or directly into WYSIWYG text areas by paste Metacafe video
URL. Formatter options like video size, autoplay, thumbnail size are available
with Media: Metacafe module.

Dependencies :

Media: Metacafe requires the Media module.

Similar Project :

Video Embed Metacafe module, depend on Video Embed Field module.
Media Metacafe modules provides more features on Video Embed Metacafe module are :--

1. Media integration to paste Metacafe URLs and embed code

2. Read Only Stream Wrapper for Metacafe Website Video.

ASYNC Drupal

ASYNC Drupal is a distributive which is based on a marvellous platform Node. JS for its great interactivity and performance. This distributive includes main modules, like Views, Rules, Features and many modules for integration with node.js, which provide interactivity with Drupal.
ASYNC Drupal provides wonderful possibilities and amazing interactivity for communication.
More info you can find on our YouTube channel watching introducing videos!

Features 8.x

This is an experimental rewrite of the Features module for Drupal 8. The architecture of configuration management in Drupal core has replaced the guts of Features, but the module will live on to expedite and automate the tasks of configuration sharing and distribution-building.

Our goal is not to recreate the previous Features module on top of CMI. It is to identify how some of the same goals can be realized from the Contrib perspective.


This sandbox project is intended as a new Drupal contributed module development example that illustrates "one of each (ooe)" of the capabilities a contributed module developer might need, in one place. If promoted from the sandbox the project will likely be abbreviated as 'ooe'.

This project is strictly educational, it has no intended features for end-users, although any of the example cases could be adapted for real projects, and in this sense it will act as a template for any new contributed module project.

The development style it completely self-referential, it deliberately exposes and announces underlying coding and feature aspects; it is intended by a coder for coders to refer to aspects of Drupal module development in the terminology of Drupal module development, as a chosen pedagogical style.


Soon to be a port of Open Atrium 6.x-1.x to D7 (among other things).

Different from OA2 for the following reasons:

- Will be an install-and-run product, rather than a "platform" that you have to build things on top of
- Will have solid product direction
- Will be built with usability and performance in mind

Silverpop Tracking

This module integrates Silverpop's Web Tracking API and XML API to allow tracking a user through various flows and levels of engagement.

An anonymous user is assigned a unique cookie value, and any custom events they trigger will be stored in Silverpop's Engage database.

When the user converts by filling out a form providing their email address, a Contact is created in Silverpop Engage, and their event history is now associated to that user. They can now be queried for their user score/level of engagement and messaged separately.

Views Metro

Views Metro

Views Metro Module

Form keeper

Form keeper will save the values you have in a form as a URL so that you can share it with others, and save it for a later viewing.

You can then load Form keepers uri and the form with just the information you inputted, so if it was a multiple choice form, what you select is now displayed, not the other stuff.

An example use is on you can choose the spec of your bike wheels, frame forks and so on. once you are done you can share that form and spec with friends, facebook or just come back and review it after research.Yyou can go back from shopping cart to product you can see what you have on your form.

Quick Feedback

Add email feedback links to critical forms to catch problems.

For any number of reasons users can have trouble using critical forms on your site. Rather than hoping people bother to visit your contact form (which may also have a problem) you should place a simple email link right where the issue may arise. This can be vital to catching problems both major and small. Perhaps your registration button text is inaccurate in one language, maybe a required AJAX field has a javascript conflict you're not testing for, maybe instructions aren't clear within one of your layouts. Recommended especially for your registration and login forms.

This module provides a super easy, pre-filled email link to forms you select. It can include vital user details such as: browser, OS, and URL.

What's configurable?

Coderwall Block

a simple D8 Block Module experiment for showing coderwall badges.

currently no connection to userprofiles, if i figure those out this wil become a patch for


This is a small helper module, to pass data from a panel page to an embedded webform node via tokens. The module provides a pane type, in which you can define multiple key/value associations. Those keys, will get available as global tokens in the tokenpane namespace.

Views Field Join Node Revision

This module adds a condition on the node-id as well as the revision-id when joining the node_revision table with the field_* tables. This can make MySQL utilize the compound primary key better.

It might be better to actually make a patch for the Views module instead, but at this point I'm not sure about all the implications that adding the join handler will cause.

Artwar Admin

Simple, flat admin theme. Period.

Artwar Editor was built with content editors, and site builders in mind.


Turnip is OpenSourcery's Drupal starting kit. Using a Drush Make workflow, only custom modules, features and themes are committed to the repository, which allows for teams to quickly get up to speed and collaborate on the important parts of the project at hand. It includes a starting framework for using Behat for behavior driven development. Each site is built as an installation profile.