New Drupal Modules


This modules allows using another type of logging method/facility using the WebSocket technology to display live debugging information in a web browser.

Microserve Install Profile

The Microserve install profile.

HTML5 Local Storage

Provides one-time caching mechanism for fields (textarea, text, checkboxes, radio buttons).

Straight clone from Anton Kuzmenko sandbox module. Old sandbox will not be maintained anymore.

Commerce Admin Notification

This module will allow Drupal commerce users to send new order notification to admin and others .

It will provide a form to enter comma separated email id's to send new order notification for both "To" & "Bcc"


Compassion Logo is a site developed by Compassion to help impoverished children around the world receive sponsorships by replacing a traditional 404 page with one that provides the details of a child in need. The 404 page provides a photograph of the child, country and sponsorship link.

Our plugin allows Drupal site owners to embed our 404 page. An example of the page that will be rendered can be viewed here:

Raw Search Index

Adds a local task to node pages to view what the search module indexed for that node.

Commerce CIB

Commerce CIB provides a Drupal Commerce payment method through the gateway of the CIB Bank.

This is an already working module complying to the following requirements of the CIB Bank:

  1. Sends out an email to the customer with the transaction details in case of both successful and failed transactions.
  2. Handles transaction timeouts correctly.

It does not deal with displaying neither the required bank and bank card logos nor the banking and payment information links.

Cacheable CSRF protection

Provides an alternative CSRF protection mechanism for Drupal forms, that depends on JavaScript but allows form HTML to be cached in reverse proxies or CDNs.


Drupal integration for Swiftype search service.

Menu Bean

Menu Bean is a plugin for the bean module that provides a block type that displays a menu. The goal of this module is to provide a block type that is influenced by the awesome Menu Block module.

OG Redirect

Limit organic group members' ability to create redirects only from their aliased group's path.

Pathauto Entity

Fork of Damien Tournoud's sandbox Pathauto integration for all Entity Types for continued development/patching.

This module adds Pathauto support for custom entities created either programmatically or using the ECK.


You can select the entities to be enabled in Home » Administration » Configuration » Search and metadata » URL aliases » Entities tab, and they will appear in Home » Administration » Configuration » Search and metadata » Patterns, where you can define the desired aliases for them.

If the Entities tab does not appear, it means that the site has no custom entities defined, apart from the standard content types, taxonomies, comments and users.


Changes compared to DamZ's sandbox:

Site Status Message

Site Status Message screenshot

This module displays a simple message on the top of all pages on your site which can be used as a notification or warning. It was completely inspired by the downtime message displayed October 2013 before the update of from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

Single Sign On for eXternal Services (SSOXS)

SSOXS module logo

Drupal version: 6.x

The Single Sing On for eXternal Services module, or SSOXS for short, extends Drupal to serve as a single-sign-on authentication, central user management and accounting portal for external web servers or services.

The module was originally developed for the academic community to provide a single-sign-on solution for independent academic web portals and web services through a central Virtual Research Community.
It can however be used by any community oriented Drupal site that hosts external web servers/services as part of there service and would like to enable these with:

advance messages

advance messages is used to change drupal default messages

Bing Maps

A integration with Bing Maps.

Development sponsored by Capgemini.


St Lucia allows local entities to be rendered from remote SPARQL endpoints.

Blue Hornet API

Adds sign-up checkbox on Drupal account screen.

Ever wanted a simple way to integrate Drupal with the Blue Hornet E-mail Marketing System? So did I. I through this little module together to add subscribe/unsubscribe functionality to the Drupal registration form, and user account screen. The module also creates a generic subscription block that you can place in whatever region you like.

The admin screen provides the interface to enter all your Blue Hornet API account info such as:

Commerce Payu Colombia

This module will support the new APIs for PAYu Colombia (Latin America). The goal is to provide both methods: Off-site and On-site.