Site additions/improvements

One vote so far for adding Facebook Connect for authentication.

One vote for "Get off my lawn!"

Maybe forum email notifications for follow-ups on comments, etc?

Also, should probably work in the Florida Drupal Empire Diver logo now, too.

joemoraca's picture

yes seems the drupal diver logo could work well on the right header ... 'dive into drupal' sure fits the drupal ladder concept.

Joe Moraca

Agreed.  Could also incorporate into the DrupalSRQ logo where the generic Drupalicon is, but not sure about re-use specifications with that image being incorporated into something else, you know?  I think someone recently posted a similiar legal query.  Will need to go look.

I added comment_notify to help people follow when there are replies to posts here.  I also added mollom to user registration and deleted tons of bot-users.  Unfortunately, I think I killed Brent's user account at the same time.  Sorry, Brent!  Was not intentional.  Please re-register!