October meeting

I was thinking if meetings are 1.5-2 hours, we should limit presentations to approximately .5 to 1 hours at the beginning then have the remainder be more informal "help session" and/or ladder group type stuff.  Thoughts?

I'm willing to present some stuff on Drupal 8 next time.  What topic?  SPARK?  Configuration Management?  Symfony2?  Twig?

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I'm definitely interested in config management, but it would also be nice to get an overview of the major changes expected for D8.

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Okay.  How about a general overview of D8 (including Config. Management) and if we can always do more in-depth investigation after presentation and/or at a later meeting?

-- exactly.  That's why I'd want to make sure that any "formal" <guffaw> presentations didn't run beyond a certain time period so that we could break into groups and work on real-world problems with each other.