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What kind of topic would you like to discuss here? On the one hand, many/most issues can/are discussed elsewhere in Drupal groups and Drupal Answers, but on the other, the it's often hard to find a good answer. Should we persist at those sites or ask them here as well?
An example is here: . I started with a problem constructing a useable math expression in Views and ended up adding the Views PHP module. The original issue was not really answered, but the solution given as an alternative does partially work. I can now output a value calculated from other data. Yet that module is still in dev and doesn't quite work the way it's supposed to, so the solution led to a new problem regarding sorting. Posed question here -- Still can't get those calculated values to sort properly. The answer to most computer problems seems to always turn out something simple that was overlooked. Do any of you use Click to Sort with Views PHP?
This brings up another question regarding Forums -- If more than one question is asked in a forum post, is there a good way to split up the answers into separate forum topics?

I see this being used for discussion about working out details about our local meetings without cluttering up gdo.  I think having a site specifically for our local group's use could be beneficial for helping grow the local community.  Having our own site allows us to grow it any way we want as opposed to being stuffed into the feature set afforded to us through gdo.  If you have site improvements/ideas, these should be posted here and discussed.  We can grant access to those interested in adding something special here for our local community.

With regard to your multi-part question, it's probably just best to ask a single themed question per thread.  That being said, I can't remember if I've ever tried click sorting with Views PHP fields before.  I'll go back and look and if I find an example, I will post back here.