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Worst Customer Service, All Tech Companies

Normally I stick to the topics of innovation and technology but a recent study really caught my attention. Early this week, Lifehacker.com polled hundreds to find out the worst companies in customer care and by my surprise all the companies were in the technology industry. (NOTE: I do understand that lifehacker.com is a tech-based website but they were asked to give any company.) In the past, companies like Wal-Mart and Target made the top of these list but the new poll shows Comcast as king of bad customer care. AT&T, Time Warner, Verizon and Paypal followed Comcast respectively. 

YouTube Changing Algorithm

Announcement yesterday from YouTube says they are changing the way they push videos to the top of search results. With the many SEO and search algorithm changes Google has been making recently why should their sub-companies be any different? In the past, Google pushed videos to the top of search results based on “Total Views” but now YouTube announced they will now monitor “Total Viewing Time” to push videos up. This is interesting because it could be the difference in a .30 video being seen 100K times and a 8 minute video being seen 15K. Since the 8-minute video was so much longer is it really a benefit for it to be the first in the search results? 

Facebook Posts from Pages

Your managing your Facebook business page and everytime you post something you ask why it only received “24 views.” Sounds like how I started an article last week. Facebook is pulling more focus on engagement of brands and how your post will show up on the timeline. Facebook announced the addition to their algorithm that focuses exclusively on how a post is an engaged to show on timelines who liked your page. Small businesses are very upset, as this is a way for major brands that average over 10K likes and 200 comments get more awareness of their post while small businesses will be subject to minimal exposure. Creating good content won’t even matter when it’s overshadowed by major brands.

This Week in the Tech Industry

This week will mark one of the largest weeks in technology history as almost every major technology company has a product, announcement, event or earnings report between today and October 29th. Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Google and others are planning major product announcements while companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Netflix have earning reports this week. Some of the big products being announced are Apple’s iPad Mini, Google’s Galaxy Note 2, Microsoft’s Windows 8, Surface and Windows 8 Phone, new Nexus phone from Google and LG, Nexus 7 Tablet, new tablet from Google and Samsung and more. If you are a technology junky than this is your kind of week. 

The Zuck Working for Microsoft

In a recent interview at Stanford University, Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO for the major social media site Facebook told the audience that if Faceook didn’t take of than he could have seen himself working as an engineer at Microsoft. I bet Bill Gates would have loved that! Zuckerburg said that he was an awe of the tech companies in the Valley and would have loved to work for many of them. He also spoke on his days at Harvard citing that it wasn’t all about making Facebook. He mention a project he built for his Art History class where he loaded 200+ images to get the other classmates opinions. He crowd-sourced his final! 

Pinterest for Retail

A new study from over 7000+ online shoppers shows Pinterest at the top of their list for purchasing. In the new study, shoppers use Pinterest for ideas on what to purchase and in many cases purchase directly from the social site. What’s more surprising is that Pinterest outpaced Facebook and Twitter by almost double among shoppers making their purchasing decisions. If you are a consumer based company-selling goods and you are not considering Pinterest than you should start developing a plan. 

Samsung Fires Apple

Apparently when you continue suing each other for copyright or patent infringement issues, other relationships between the two companies start to break. Samsung announced it would stop doing the display screens for Apple’s iPad. Samsung is citing financial issues but we know its because the two hate each other. Apple has already been looking to other manufacturing companies for display technology and other parts of their products from companies like Sharp and LG. In the past, Apple had Samsung manufacturing many of their parts but over the last six months has limited their work with them.

Ancestery.com Sold

Every time you see a ancestery.com commercial you consider joining to find out about Uncle Bob and his connections to the Russian mafia. Well those commercials could be changing a little as the major historical documentation site has sold to a European equity firm. The company said they plan to make technical changes to the site to boost performance and wanted to increase their user base. Ancestery.com currently has over two million subscribers paying at least $12.95 per month. The company is publicly traded at around $30/share. 

Skype for Windows 8 Transformed

Microsoft is kicking off their Windows 8 release month with an updated Skype. Skype, the major-video conferencing program that has allowed individuals to connect via video for years and now Windows has redeveloped and redesigned a new visually appealing and easy-to-use Skype that will release with the new Windows 8. Although the new redesign looks appealing, it doesn’t change the cost if you are utilizing multi-chat or phone calls. Skype has seen it’s monthly usage decrease thanks to the efforts of Google Hangouts that allows a videoconference of up to 10 people at no cost. 

Apple Gears Up for Party

Anytime Apple is preparing a party and inviting media it’s because they are gearing up to show something to the world. Apple announced a get-together tomorrow afternoon to show something new. Many analysts believe Apple will be revealing the new highly anticipated iPad Mini that many believe it would be ready by the holidays. Other things said to be released is the new iPad 3.5 with better network connectivity including LTE Access, Lightweight and a lighting connector. The new MacBook Pro 13” with retina display, iBooks 3, refreshed iMac, MacMini and Apple TV. All these things scheduled to be discussed tomorrow. Could be a great day for Apple!

Welcome Back MySpace

You are probably asking yourself if you read that right? Myspace? Our featured video today is the teaser for the new slick, beautiful Myspace. Myspace was once considered the mega social site that skyrocketed the social media phenomenon and gave a platform for sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN. The new Myspace is clean and very music centric which has always been its calling card. In 2010, Myspace had an increase traffic of over 30% and with the new profile creation could be on its way back to becoming a heavyweight in the social world. Insiders say Myspace has been working with exclusive content deals with major record labels and music servicing site Spotify. 

Moms Lead Mobile Space

A new study shows that moms are leading the way in the mobile environment. The study shows that moms with children under 18 lead the way in texting (+15%), mobile web (+15%), social media (+19%), mobile banking (+10%), and mobile shopping (+8%). As small businesses look to tackle development for the fast growing mobile space, this research shows a little more why they are focused on the “soccer mom.” Researchers show that mobile could dominate in as early as 2015 outpacing desktop Internet traffic. 

Acquia Named #1 Software Company

Acquia was named the software company and 8th overall by INC. 500. Acquia is owned and operated by the founder of Drupal, the open-source Content Management System (CMS) that has quickly become one of the fastest growing CMS’ on the market. INC. 500 also named Acquia the fastest growing software company in the world because of its success with Drupal and other products developed in house. digiBIZ sponsor Digital Frontiers Media is national leader in Drupal and has had over five years working exclusively with this CMS. 

Google Continues Test Search on Products

Google announced its expansion into their search functionality integration with other Google products. When you are logged into your Google account and do a search, it will search for relevant content in your Gmail account. The new expansion is going to look for relevant content in your Google Calendar and Google Drive. Some analyst find this to be an invasion of privacy looking through your other products while others believe it’s a great enhancement to finding relevant content regarding our needs. 

The New LinkedIN

LinkedIN announced today a new look for profiles, features and updated version of the LinkedIN apps. The new profile will help streamline the content on the site and make important content from individual’s pages more visual. If you have been selected for the new profile view than you will have a notification at the top of your profile adding you to the waiting list. LinkedIN has over 175 million users with over 50 million joining in the past year. 

$56 Million Secures New COO for Yahoo

The Silicon Valley buzz just got a little hire when new CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer announced the hiring of Ex-Google Executive Henrique De Castro who was most recently the President of Partners Business Solutions at Google. His 600K base salary is pennies compared to the bonuses and stock options he received in his new position at Yahoo. This is just one more major move Mayer has made in her pursuit to make Yahoo the biggest comeback story since Apple. 

The Good and Bad for T-Mobile

When there is good, sometimes there is bad and with T-Mobile it seems to be happening quite often. T-Mobile announced the merger of major pre-paid cellular company MetroPCS 2 weeks ago and followed it up with the rumor they should be receiving the iPhone in early 2013. All is good for T-Mobile, unless the stockholders of MetroPCS file a lawsuit trying to block the merger. This week, MetroPCS stockholders have filed a lawsuit against PCS, T-Mobile and T-Mobile’s parent company Duelche Telecom saying that the board members of PCS agreed to the merger for financial consideration and not the rest of the stockholders. 

Amazon Gears Up for Holidays

Amazon is preparing for the holidays with the hiring of over 50,000 new jobs. The Seattle-based company Amazon currently has over 20,000 employees throughout the United States at over 40 distribution centers. Amazon has already been recognized as one of the top retail companies to work for paying their employees 30% more than the average retail pay with an increase of nearly 9% each year. Amazon also has a program to help their employees decide on their career choice. 

iOS Passport Not Moving

I will be the first to say how excited I was about the new Passport app on iOS 6. Passport is supposed to organize our loyalty cards, coupons, airline tickets and more but it just hasn’t taken off like most people expected. I uploaded my Blockbuster card but unfortunately the scanners are out-of-date and can’t scan my iPhone so it’s pointless at this time. That seems to be the story of the new app as its just not gaining traction yet but keep it around because eventually this great idea will catch on! 

Like the Old Days Twitter

It might have been a while since Twitter experience a “over capacity” outage but many ran towards Twitter last night to let everyone know they can’t tweet. Ironic right? For us early adaptors of Twitter, it was something we were use to experiencing regularly but since their growth and success over the last couple of years, Twitter has done a great job keeping up with the tweets and users. Hopefully this was just a one-time thing.